Graphical Operator Panels

GOP family of HMI-panels

The GOP family of HMI-panels provides an efficient and user-friendly dedicated operator interface for transportation, marine, machine or process control applications. Designed for harsh environments, the GOP panel can be installed in enclosures or desks close to machinery.

The GOP panels are available with display sizes from 5.7” – 10.4”, with or without touch screens. The mechanics and interfaces can be tailored according to the end-user application. Operating temperature ranges for HT-models are -40 to +70 Celsius (ambient temperature).


GOPs are configured using a Windows-based tool program, GOPTool. GOPTool offers graphical drawing tools to design display layouts, parameter settings for communication and logical operations, as well as calculations to create panel functionality. Common graphical presentations, such as bar charts and trend curves, are supported. Panel configuration can be tested and verified in a Windows environment before it is transferred to the panel from a PC. Configurations and the internal panel software are stored in a re-programmable flash memory inside the panel.

G2000 Graphic Operator Panel

The G2000 ST/HT panel is specially designed for process control applications.


GOP 7 Graphic Operator Panels

The GOP 7 panels provide an easily customised user interface for various types of industrial purposes. They can be used to access vehicle and machine control systems as well as process automation systems.


IPC A Graphic Operator Panels

The IPC A is specially designed for demanding environments, where conditions are extreme and high reliability is a must. Typical installations include offshore, transportation and military applications.


IPC E Graphic Operator Panels

The IPC E -panel is designed for various process control applications.

IPC E 104-ST