Elevator Displays

We understand elevators’ language

Genera is a long time supplier of state-of-the-art elevator displays and has a deep understanding of the requirements and challenges of the elevator environment.

Our main focus is to develop highly reliable products that have a long product life and to provide continuing product support and service over the entire product life span. Eye-catching appearance, high quality and innovative design are the key elements of products that suit the demands of modern architecture.

Our product range starts from small 3.5″ indicator displays and extends up to 42″ display size, and uses exclusively TFT LCD technology. The product functionality covers indicator displays, destination control touch panels and Infotainment systems.

The important building block of our products is the flexible software platform that supports various control electronics platforms used in different products.


Basic Indicator Displays   

Advanced Indicators and Infotainment   

Touch Screen Panels