What We Do

At Genera, we believe in seamless partnering with our customers. We provide a full end-to-end product lifecycle service, covering all the phases from requirements specification, joint development, supply operations and finally, with maintenance and product renewal services.



Genera’s system design and development excels due to our vast experience and expertise in developing the latest technologies. We believe in working tightly together with our customers to form lasting partnerships.

Expertise in embedded systems and lifetime support of the products we design are two of our R&D department’s greatest strengths. Close proximity to our in-house production guarantees that the product moves smoothly from drawing board to delivery.


Dynamic management of the demand/supply network is a crucial element in our customers’ business. At Genera, we cover the full complement of supply operations services: component and mechanics sourcing, manufacturing as well as customer logistics.

Genera’s in-house operations are capable of handling both complex customised tasks and efficient high-volume products. From the modern SMD-line and mechanics assembly, and through the quality assurance and customer-adapted logistics services, we are committed to be both flexible and efficient.


Genera’s products are designed to last. That is why service and repair are such an important element of our service. We give full lifetime support for our products – we are still delivering and supporting products that were designed in the early 90’s! The responsibility of our service team is to minimize the turn-around times, give updated reports and take care of overall maintenance management for the whole life cycle of a product.