We Create Agile Panel Solutions

Embedded solutions for demanding industrial applications.

Genera designs and manufactures embedded Human Machine Interface products, with key areas being customised, intelligent control and diagnostics panels, and info displays for demanding applications and environments.

Panel and display solutions for industrial applications usually have special requirements regarding quality, durability and life span. When these requirements get tough and the customer expectations are high, Genera will deliver.

We have been developing, producing and servicing state-of-the-art panel technology for global industrial customers for three decades. Our products are widely used in process control, transportation, marine and locomotive applications, in addition to elevators and building automation.

At Genera, we believe that agile and high-quality service will make the difference to our customers. By having the Design and Development, Operations and Logistics, as well as Service under the same roof, we make sure that our customers expectations are met and exceeded.

We are committed to conflict minerals sourcing policy and we expect our suppliers to provide us with DRC conflict free components. Find out more about this in here:
Genera-RE-1803-EN Conflict minerals sourcing policy

Genera Oy is based in Helsinki, Finland only minutes away from the airport and the main access roads.